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Anybody can claim they can save your data, but not everyone can do it. Do you want to trust your data recovery to a cheap fly by night operation? Or do you want someone to do it the right way?

Clean Workspace EnclosureThe Right Environment: State of the Art ISO 5 Certified Clean Workspace Enclosure

Our specialized workspace enclosure is rated as an ISO class 5 clean room cabinet, which protects your vital components from dust, pollutants, or any other contaminants. This state of the art clean workplace enclosure has been specially designed for data recovery and forensics work.

  • Vertical laminar flow pattern
  • Dual-stage filtration system
  • Positive pressure, purified air through pre-filter and main filter
  • Hepa filter up to 99.97% efficient on particle .3 microns and larger

Data recovery for a variety of different drivesThe Right Solution: Comprehensive Data Recovery Services

We provide data recovery for a variety of different drives, including:

Professional Data Recovery is a division of Accurate Data Networks, one of Los Angeles’ leading providers of information technology, products, services, and solutions. We have been providing professional IT services and data recovery for our clients for over 23 years, and now are expanding to best meet the growing demands for data recovery services.

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